Beatscape is a project that I, along with Akito Van Troyer, Brian Blosser, Oliver Jan, and Sertan Senturk, created in the Spring of 2010 for our Listening Machines class and concert. We first performed Beatscape at the Eyedrum in May.  Recently in the fall 2010, we performed for the FutureMedia Fest at Georgia tech.

Beatscape is a mixed physical and virtual environment designed to explore ensemble virtuosity in music technology.  The essential idea is that there are two types of performers, those who make sound objects appear on the screen, and those who trigger them.  By themselves, neither person can make sounds, however through the interactions of the players, sound is produced.

We use a number of different technologies: the Reactivision toolkit for the tacticle interface, the Processing framework for the virtual playground, Nintendo Wii remotes for the players who trigger the sound objects, Max/MSP for the triggering of sound samples, and OSC for communication. This is video of the first performance. Players include original creators This is a video of our more recent performance.  Players in this performance include: Aaron Albin, Andrew Colella, Sertan Senturk, Avinash Sastry, and Sang Won Lee

The source code can be downloaded at Google Code under the name audio-sketch.