Space Battle

A game I made in Processing that uses swarms.  This game is for two players only.  I haven’t developed AI for a computer opponent yet, but I might get to it one day.  The source is available if you would like to make your own improvements.

It was an experiment in working with decentralized systems, specifically using Daniel Shiffman’s implementation of Craig Reynold’s flocking algorithms.  Other code used as cited in source, from openProcessing.

Two players each control their motherships and their fighters.

Player 1:  “wasd”- movement of mother ship.  “z” attack, “c” move to defend mothership , “x” (hit once to circle at original starting point, “x” again to let wander aimlessly, “v” – launch missile at enemy mothership

Player 2: arrow keys – movement,  “,” – attack  ,  “/” – defend, “.” – retreat/wander , m -missile

A player wins when he destroys the enemy mother ship and the fighters.  Even after a players mother ship is destroyed, you can still direct the flock of fighters by going into defense mode “c”  or   “/”  and using the arrow keys or wasd.

Windows Version

Mac Version :  untested (I don’t have a mac).

Source :  source includes code and audio in .pde files.  To run from source, Download Processing and open the EverythingVector.pde file.  All the other files will appear as tabs on the Processing IDE.

Play In Browser : there is no loading progress bar, but it will take a minute to load.  Go to full screen mode in browser for best viewing.  (View menu in firefox, or F11 apparently?).  If it asks you to block potentially unsafe components, go ahead and block them.   It won’t affect the game  (actually i think it might make it run better in browser).

More pictures


Midi Space Battle

I modified the Space Battle Code to make it a MIDI version meant for interactive music.

Here is an explanation given to the performer

Here is the performance